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Journal paper
Entry YearPublicationAuthor
1092020,A Study of Dividing the Group by Age of Health-Related Fitness in Taiwan,Sport Sciences for Health,16,1,pp147-158第一作者Po-Yang Hsu
1072018,耐力運動後補充麩醯胺酸對恢復期血液能量代謝物的影響,大專體育學刊,20,3,pp279-293第一作者Ying-Chih Ho
1072018,Effects of Cooperative Learning and Motivational Strategies for Older Adult on Functional Fitness ,International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE) ,5,1,pp105-111第二作者Qing-Yun Huang
1072018,從性別的觀點分析中高齡者參與活躍老化課程之差異,終身學習期刊,15,pp45-59第二作者Po-Yang Hsu
1062017,推動青少年佛學教育方式之芻議(簡體字版),單一作者Szu-Wei Yang
1062017,麩醯胺酸補充劑對有氧舞蹈後一氧化氮與同半胱胺酸的影響,大專體育學刊,19,1,pp87-98第三作者Ying-Chih Ho
1062016,建構大學體育課程學習感受量表運動員為例,運動休閒餐旅研究,11,2,pp31-42第四作者Qing-Yun Huang
1062016,Effects of Need for Affiliation on Performance and Motivation in Cooperative Table Tennis Instruction,International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education(IJHSSE),3,1,pp1-6第二作者Qing-Yun Huang
1052016,運動誘發心肌熱休克蛋白70表現之性別差異,中華體育季刊,30,4,pp295-302第三作者Ying-Chih Ho
1052016,Effects of Glutamine Peptide Supplementation on Lipolysis and Plasma IL-6 Concentration after Endurance Exercise,大專體育學刊,18,2,pp126-135第一作者Ying-Chih Ho
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