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QuestionI am a junior/senior student. I am missing a Sports and Healthiness course for the second semester . How do I choose a course?
AnswerIf you are missing the second semester course, please re-submit in the second semester of junior/senior.
If you are missing the first semester course, please re-submit in the first semester of junior/senior.
QuestionCan a junior/senior physical education course offset a freshman and sophomorer physical education course?
Answer No, juniors and seniors are electives, and freshman and sophomore are compulsory. Any electives cannot be used to offset compulsory courses.
Question My body is not suitable for strenuous exercise, can I not take physical education classes?
AnswerThere is a special class for sports in the school. It is a compulsory physical education course for those who are not suitable for intense sports. Please chose this course and give the teacher a certificate when you start the class.
QuestionI am a transfer student. I have had physical education credits before, can I apply for offsetting a physical education class credit?
AnswerYes, Please contact your department office for offsetting the course credit.
QuestionIf the number of physical education courses I want to choose is already fullCan I add extra?
AnswerThe center is a well-controlled teaching quality. The number of students in the physical education curriculum should be based on the number of people who are enrolled in the network. If the amount is full, they will not be processed. If there are special circumstances, they should be reviewed and approved by the Sports Activity Group. With the consent of the instructor and unit supervisor, the election will be added.
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